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What Inspired Juan Ojeda?

photo of Juan Ojeda

Juan Ojeda – a former business student turned film, television and digital media major – never imagined he would end up at Texas Christian University. Only after attending a TCU class with his wife (fiancé at the time), Elizabeth Rosales, did he begin to see a future on this campus. His decade-long experience in a… Read more »

Life Through the Lens: Andrew Van Heusden

Photo of Andrew Van Heusden

Andrew Van Heusden, Senior Native of Brighton, Michigan Majoring in film, television and digital media and journalism Whether Andrew Van Heusden is in front of the camera or behind it, there is no doubt he can tell a story. And he’s no rookie, either. Van Heusden has been bringing stories to life ever since he was eight… Read more »

Life Through the Lens: Richard Edgemon

photo of Richard Edgemon

Richard Edgemon, Senior Native of Arlington, Texas Majoring in film, television and digital media and journalism What’s your favorite way to watch a movie? “Normally, I like to watch movies at home with a group of friends. Occasionally, it’s better to be in the theater.” What’s your favorite genre? “Horror is all about cheap budgets… Read more »

Film, Television and Digital Media’s Reese Gilchrist

Reese Gilchrist

Reese Gilchrist Major: Film, Television and Digital Media Hometown: Weatherford, Texas Class: Junior Why TCU? Since my family has always been a huge fan of the Frogs, I grew up going to TCU football games. My older brother graduated from high school before I did, enrolled at TCU, and had the best time of his… Read more »

Five Questions with a Film, Television and Digital Media Major

Photo of Libby Glenn

Name: Libby Glenn Major: Film, Television and Digital Media Hometown: Santa Monica, California Class: Junior What is your favorite part of your major? My favorite thing about my major is that creativity is encouraged and valued. Every class I take in the Film, Television and Digital Media department makes me all the more excited for… Read more »

Six Questions with Laurel Rogers

photo of Laurel Rogers

Name: Laurel Rogers Class: Senior Major: Strategic Communication Minors: Business and Film, TV and Digital Media Hometown: Columbus, Ohio Go-to study snack Cheez-Its Go-to study music I love the playlist, All The Feels, on Spotify. Check it out, it’s great! Go-to study spot Third floor Rees-Jones tables Three words to describe your Bob Schieffer College of… Read more »

A Schieffer College Student Profile

James Lindsay Sports Broadcasting, May 2017 Previously attended Weatherford College, Weatherford, Texas From Aledo, Texas What led you to transfer to TCU?  After leaving the Navy, I was searching for what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. After relocating back to Fort Worth, I decided to see what TCU had to… Read more »

Friends Beyond the Classroom

I met my closest friends in the Film, Television and Digital Media program. Most of them have already graduated but Megan Tholen and Cole Rasco are riding by my side to graduation day. Megan and I met during our Media Analysis class. We cried over the exams and connected over non-film related things: politics, sports,… Read more »

What’s in your pack?

“I go to movies all the time!” Film, Television and Digital Media major Jane Goode ‘20 revealed. “I’m a film major after all.” Her backpack holds no signs of being a film major, however. She has few items in her bag, mainly what she needs for class, such as notebooks and textbooks. Her favorite class… Read more »

Why Are You Studying…

Maddie Cole Major: Film, Television, and Digital Media Hometown: Seal Beach, California Graduation Date: May 2017 What is your favorite movie? “Anchorman.” Why FTDM? I switched from Strategic Communication to FTDM my sophomore year because I had to follow my passion for filmmaking. I have always loved movies and the process behind them. Any time… Read more »

What You Need to Know About FTDM

“There are three intro/beginning classes you take first, and they all have a night lab component where you screen movies or TV shows.” “The major is made up of three different components: industry, production, and critical analysis.” “It’s important for you to get to know your professor because chances are you’ll have him or her… Read more »

What You Need to Know About FTDM

“I would say really pay attention to the time you meet with your advisor; they know so much about the major and how to shape it towards your interests.” “Be open to trying new things. I thought I wasn’t interested in sports until I pursued an opportunity a professor presented to me.” “Make friends within… Read more »

Three Questions for…

Three Questions for Andy Haskett, Assistant Professor of Professional Practice, Film-TVDigital Media What’s your favorite movie? Napoleon Dynamite because is broke all the rules for storytelling that had been established and is a delightful experience. Do you collect anything? Guitars, but I shouldn’t because they’re so expensive. I got my first on in the 1960s… Read more »