Film, Television and Digital Media’s Reese Gilchrist

Reese Gilchrist

  • Major: Film, Television and Digital Media
  • Hometown: Weatherford, Texas
  • Class: Junior

Why TCU?
Since my family has always been a huge fan of the Frogs, I grew up going to TCU football games. My older brother graduated from high school before I did, enrolled at TCU, and had the best time of his life. I knew when I saw his experiences and came to visit him that TCU was the university for me.

Once I started my first year, it took me a few semesters to discover the Bob Schieffer College of Communication, but I’m thrilled I switched my major to film, television and digital media. I had several friends in the major already, and I heard them discuss the classes they were taking. I grew up loving movies and film, so I was entirely intrigued by the opportunity and switched my major.

What is your favorite part about the Bob Schieffer College of Communication?
I definitely have to give the professors credit for being excellent. Every professor I’ve had has been experienced and extremely knowledgeable in their field. They’re so likable and laid-back with their casual teaching styles.

What has been your favorite memory at TCU?
About two years ago, TCU played Baylor on a frigid, rainy night. Most people had cleared the stands, but my friends and I were huddled up in a group of about ten people. We had the greatest time toughing out the weather as TCU came away from the game with a victory.

 Any advice for first-year students?
Take a few basic classes your first semester combined with a couple of courses from a major you might be interested in. Get a feel for what that major entails before you declare it. I think this is one of the biggest time-savers for getting through college.

Which professor and course has had the greatest impact on you?
I have really enjoyed taking courses with Associate Professor Andrew Haskett. I find his teaching style was a perfect match for how I learn most efficiently, as he focused on getting students involved through discussions rather than just solely lecturing. I enrolled in his Basic Video Production course and I loved how hands-on the material was for the class. I enjoyed his teaching methods and the class environment so much that I eventually enrolled in a second course with Associate Professor Haskett the next semester, Audio Theory and Practice.

What is your favorite restaurant in Fort Worth?
It’s a three-way tie between The Original, Buffalo Brothers and Charley’s Hamburgers.