Three Questions for…

Photo by Katie Kassler

Three Questions for Andy Haskett, Assistant Professor of Professional Practice, Film-TVDigital

What’s your favorite movie?
Napoleon Dynamite because is broke all the rules for storytelling that had been established and is
a delightful experience.

Do you collect anything?
Guitars, but I shouldn’t because they’re so expensive. I got my first on in the 1960s and now own
twelve. It’s become a vain attempt to see if getting the right guitar had anything to do with how
well you play, but I’ve come to learn that it doesn’t.

What is your favorite thing to teach?
Popular music and the recording studio. I’m a big Beetles fan and I love getting to teach how
they have impacted the evolution of music.

Photo by Katie Kassler

Three Questions for Richard Allen, Professor, Film-TV-Digital Media

What’s your favorite film?
The Apartment written and directed by Billy Wilder. The comedy comes from a real place trying
to find love and happiness in New York City and is very insightful about the human condition.

Do you collect anything?
I have a collection of about two hundred playbills that my father handed down to me.

What’s your favorite thing to teach?
Intro to film and TV aesthetics because you take every aspect of film and look how they work
together. It’s great to discover and share films with your students and vice a versa.