Class of 2021: Get to Know Valerie Clark

Name: Valerie Clark
Major: Cinema and Media Studies
Minor: Spanish
Hometown: Houston, Texas

Valerie Clark is passionate about movies and entertainment, so when she discovered the cinema and media studies major, she knew she found her place on campus. “I chose my major because I really enjoy seeing how media affects our everyday lives,” she said. “I think it’s interesting to analyze how people communicate differently on various media platforms.”

After finding this major, Clark knew that attending Texas Christian University was meant to be. She loves that TCU is a medium-sized school and that her teachers can really get to know her. Now, she says she has the major to fit her dream university. In addition, Clark enjoys the loving community, how energetic the school spirit is and the beautiful campus.

Clark’s favorite class so far has been Introduction to Film/TV Aesthetics because of the great professor. She loved the analysis aspect of the class, as she evaluated how the music, clothing and lighting in classic films affects the way the audience reacts to the media.

Clark recommends first-years should take core classes their first semester at TCU so they don’t take unnecessary classes for a major that they are not sure they will like.

When Clark is not working on a class project, you might find her at Riscky’s BAR-B-Q, exploring Sundance Square with her friends or at an event put on by theEnd, a student organization that puts on fun events. Recently, theEnd hosted Josh Peck from her favorite childhood television show, “Drake and Josh.”

TheEnd has meant so much to Clark. It has helped her realize what she is passionate about and has given her the opportunity to get to know some wonderful people. “When I first joined, I only thought about helping put on the events, but little did I know that I would meet my best friend through theEnd,” she said. “ I love my Enders and that I get to call them my second family.”

After graduating from TCU, Clark hopes to get a job that will utilize her digital communication skills. She plans to pursue a career as a social media manager or a digital marketing coordinator. Her dream job would be promoting special events around the world.

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