Class of 2020: All About Justin Roundtree

Name: Justin Roundtree
Year: Senior
Majors: Sports Broadcasting; Psychology
Hometown: Los Angeles, California 

Justin Roundtree’s greatest passion has always been sports. When he got to college there was no doubt in his mind that he would want to go into sports broadcasting. That’s what led him to choose sports broadcasting as a major. He is also majoring in psychology because he believes it works hand-in-hand with his sports broadcasting major. 

Roundtree felt that sports broadcasting was right because he would learn valuable skills to help him in the field and learn about different job opportunities. “The best thing about the department is the hands-on experience. Professor Martin’s Intro to Remote Sports, Remote Sports, and Directing and Producing the Live Sports Event classes have provided opportunities to work on live TV broadcasts for TCU sports,” he said. “Mike gave helpful feedback on how to improve each job in the broadcasts.”  

When asked if there were any common misconceptions about his major, Roundtree said, “I think the most common misconception is that all the glamorous sports broadcasting jobs are the ones in front of the camera. While being an on-air talent is a great job, there are also many great roles behind the camera where you can still be very successful and make a good amount of money.” 

Through the experiences in sports broadcasting, Roundtree landed an internship with the Dallas Cowboys in the event presentations department. After graduation, he hopes to work on live sports broadcasts. His hope is to freelance and try to find as many opportunities with the sports teams in the DFW area as he can. 

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