Friends Beyond the Classroom

I met my closest friends in the Film, Television and Digital Media program. Most of them have already graduated but Megan Tholen and Cole Rasco are riding by my side to graduation day.

Megan and I met during our Media Analysis class. We cried over the exams and connected over non-film related things: politics, sports, dancing, musicals and our love for tacos! I can count on her to go to any TCU football game, too.

During Cole’s first year at TCU, he joined Student Filmmakers Association (SFA), which is where we bonded over our passion for film. We met in Athens, Texas for an on-location­­ SFA movie shoot. We got stuck in set, thanks to Hurricane Patricia, which made the streets too muddy to drive back to campus. That weekend held some challenges but after, Cole and I found out how similar we were and how well we worked together. Cole and I are really the same person. We have similar approaches to film, and we even scored the same on the Myer Briggs personality test!