The Department of Film, Television and Digital Media (FTDM) offers students a uniquely diverse and comprehensive array of courses designed to prepare its graduates to be industry leaders, creative contributors and/or impactful scholars in arguably the most pervasive and influential field of the 21st century.

State-of-the-art department resources include HD studios, soundstages, professional editing suites, a green screen studio, a campus radio station and a full complement of HD field production and grip equipment. The Gwendolyn P. Tandy Memorial Film Library houses more than 15,000 titles.

The department offers bachelor degrees of arts and science in three majors:

Cinema and Media Studies

Tandy Film Library

In this scholarship- and research-oriented sequence, students practice the critical analysis of visual media (including film, television, streaming video, social media, and virtual reality), with the goal of understanding how we are continuously influenced and shaped, as a culture and as individuals, by the media texts that have become essential components of our everyday lives.

Cinema and Media Studies is offered as a Bachelor of Arts degree. A Film and Media Studies minor is also available.

Film, Television and Digital Media

FTDM Instructor Charity Robinson (center) works with her Documentary Production students. (James Anger)

In this sequence, students combine various production courses with offerings in critical studies and industry studies to prepare them for success in the competitive and increasingly global media industries.

Film, Television and Digital Media is offered as both a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science.

Sports Broadcasting

Sports Broadcasting students learn production skills in the control room in Moudy South. (Jeffrey McWhorter)

In this sequence, students acquire the technical skills to produce sports programs at the professional level as well as the analytical skills to understand and articulate the social and cultural roles sports events play in countries around the globe.

Sports Broadcasting is offered as both a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science. Admission to the Sports Broadcasting major is by competitive application and is not guaranteed. Please read the full course requirements for more information.