CLASS OF 2021: Getting to Know Alea Fregoso

Name: Alea Fregoso
Hometown: San Diego, California
Class: Senior
Majors: Film, Television and Digital Media; Strategic Communication  

Why did you choose this major? 

I chose the film, television and digital media (FTDM) major because I was very involved in broadcasting in high school. I won the best producer award my senior year of high school. I was so happy that Texas Christian University had a program because I am from California, but I wanted to go to school elsewhere. I am also majoring in strategic communication and minoring in business. I think it will help me work on the business side of film and TV. 

When did you know TCU was home? 

I knew TCU was home after winter break during my first year. When I went home and heard all my friends’ experiences during their first semester of college, I realized how unique TCU was  

What has been your favorite class in film, television and digital media?  

Although I don’t like being in front of the camera, my favorite class has been the acting class. I took it with professor Richard Allen, who is my favorite FTDM professor. I had fun and gained a lot of knowledge about what it is like on the other side of the camera.  

What is your favorite TCU memory? 

I interned for TCU Athletics’ video production team for two years. I was on the sidelines for the Baylor versus TCU game that went into triple overtime. Although we lost, it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I am so lucky that I got to experience it. 

What are you involved in on campus? 

I am in Pi Beta Phi, where I recently served as the vice president of administration. I am currently the director of New Member Experience. I am also on the leadership team for the Christ Chapel college ministry. 

If you had to pack up and move to another country tomorrow, where would you go? 

Italy! I am Italian, and I have family there. I also studied abroad there last semester. It is such a wonderful country with amazing people. 

If you could only eat at one Fort Worth restaurant during your whole time at TCU, where would you eat? 

Eatzi’s Market and Bakery! They have everything, and you would never get bored with the options. 

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