The Class of 2019: Laurel Rogers

Name: Laurel Rogers
Major: Strategic Communication
Minors: Film, Television and Digital Media; Business
Hometown: Columbus, Ohio

What made you choose film, television and digital media as a minor?
As a strategic communication major, I had to choose a minor. I have always been very interested in film, so film, television and digital media was a natural fit. 

What was your favorite part about this minor?
My favorite thing about minoring in film, television and digital media was having a class every semester that was fun and generally interesting to me. I enjoy watching films, and prefer that over a class with papers, tests and long lectures.

What was your favorite class?
My favorite film class I’ve taken was probably Survey of Film. I loved it because we watched a wide variety of films and I loved Professor Richard Allen!

What do you want to do after you graduate and how will you use your FTDM minor?
While I don’t really plan on getting a job relating to film, I’m glad I chose it as my minor because I enjoyed it and it’s a good, random thing to have knowledge about!

What has been your favorite memory at TCU?
My favorite memory from TCU was studying abroad for a semester in Florence, Italy!