Class of 2020: James Flowers

Name: James Flowers
Major: Sports Broadcasting
Class: Senior
Hometown: Midlothian, Virginia 

Why did you choose Texas Christian University?
I chose TCU for a few reasons. TCU has a perfect size of around 10,000 undergraduates. This was also a chance for me to explore somewhere far away from home, to learn and have new experiences. More importantly, it had sports broadcasting as a major. It was the only college that I applied to that had sports broadcasting.  

Which professor has had the most significant impact on you?
Chuck LaMendola, the first professor that I had in my major. He provided many opportunities for me to get involved in baseball on KTCU, the campus radio station, and air work. He had an incredible knowledge of the business and a wide range of connections, which is precisely what I wanted to learn. He is still a great resource and gives excellent feedback and positive reinforcement.  

What is the best thing about sports broadcasting?
The opportunity to get hands-on experience in the field. This is what I need to have to be successful. After taking classes for knowledge, to me it is more important to get out there and experience what is right for me or not. I love sports! I spend most of my time researching, reading and watching sports. Although I cannot play sports, broadcasting them is the next closest thing to being on the field.  

What is the title of the song of your life?
“Take Me to Texas” by George Strait. That song is significant to my TCU experience because since I am not a native Texan, I did not come to TCU with a serious sense of pride about the state of Texas. Now, whenever I go home, I play that song on full blast around my hometown because I am proud to have spent an important period of my life here and I have grown up quickly having to be so far away from home. I cannot have imagined a better place to do that than in the Lone Star State and more specifically, at TCU.  

What do you want to after graduation?*
I want to work as a sports information director at higher education institutions, and I would like to go back East, a little bit closer to home.  

How do you define success?
If 20 years from now, I still feel contented and satisfied with all of my choices and my life, to me, this is a success.  

Which is your favorite sports team?
My ultimate favorite baseball team is the St. Louis Cardinals.   

*In August of 2020 James became an athletics communications intern at the University of Richmond. 

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