Class of 2019: Meet Marisa Thomas

Name: Marisa Thomas
Hometown: Fort Worth, Texas
Major: Cinema and Media Studies

Texas Christian University is a place that is not only growing, but also offering new and exciting programs. Marisa Thomas ’19 was one of the first students to commit to the new cinema and media studies major. “Being one of the first students in this major was a little daunting but all the professors were incredibly encouraging,” she said. “It was also very exciting being able to represent the first graduating class of a major that will be at TCU for years to come.”

Thomas served as president of the Cinema and Media Society club. She said that it was one of her more relaxed roles because she loved discussing film and television with other people who enjoyed cinema just as much as she did.

“Cinema and media studies is a major that is focused on reading other peoples’ writings and watching films that relate to certain themes. It is a major that teaches someone to see unique themes in films and allows you to make certain connections throughout the film,” Thomas said. “Also, it’s really fun to be able to critique films with other people who care about film and television.”

Thomas reflects on all the fond memories she had at TCU and has one that outshines all the rest. “Laying out in the Commons with my best friend looking up at the stars in the middle of fall and listening to Sam Cooke play his cover of the song “Venus” on my phone,” she said. “It’s a simple memory but one that will last a lifetime.”

Thomas has some advice for first-year students who are interested in cinema. “Don’t be afraid to explore your fine arts credit class. Check out classes that are offered about film,” she said. “And if you are interested in the history and context around different films this major would definitely interest you.”

Thomas would love to have more fellow students join this new major and to see more signs around campus promoting the major.

When Thomas finally did have downtime, she enjoyed watching movies. Her favorite movie is, “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.”

“I love the quick humor, the transitions and the cast, which has to be one of my favorite casts ever,” she said.

Thomas has been an intern at as a movie news writer and hopes to continue this career path. “After TCU I plan on working in the same industry, start saving money towards grad school and hopefully earn my doctoral degree and eventually become a professor,” she said.

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