Class of 2021: This is Idahosa

Name: Idahosa Robinson
Major: Film, Television and Digital Media
Class: Junior
Hometown: Fort Worth, Texas 

When asked what the title of his biography would be, Idahosa Robinson said, “It would simply be ‘Idahosa.’ I feel like my name is unique as it is and definitely holds weight.”   

If there was anything Robinson would do if he could go back in time to his first year, he would’ve started his college career off as a film, television and digital media major. The program has been more fitting with who he is as a person and his career goals compared to others. 

Robinson has always been interested in the entertainment industry. As he pursues his degree, he’s also been pursuing his dreams as a musical artist and investing his time and resources into both. He mostly enjoys the program because he strives to become a well-rounded entertainer, and the classes offered have allowed him to learn more about directing, shooting, editing, and more.  

Robinson has the rewarding opportunity to learn and gain experience in a field that he is most passionate about. “This is only my second semester in this department and these have been my best semesters here at Texas Christian University,” he said. “The learning experience is different when your major intersects with your passion.”  

Robinson enjoyed his favorite class, Basic Video Production. “I’ve learned a lot about cameras,” he said. “It’s changed how I approach being both in front and behind the camera.”  

Aside from his time as a film, television and digital media major, Robinson has cherished his time at TCU because of the unique opportunities that have allowed him to learn about all types of people from different cultures. It’s given him a new perspective on how he views the world, and he continues to look forward to what TCU has to offer in his final semesters.