Meet Jack Moraglia

Class: Senior
Majors: Film, Television and Digital Media; Writing
Hometown: McKinney, Texas

Jack Moraglia is a senior at TCU majoring in film, television and digital media, and writing. When Moraglia came to TCU, he knew exactly what major he wanted to choose: film, television and digital media. He had always been interested in working in the film industry and this seemed like a phenomenal place to start. His film major pairs nicely with his writing major, as both focus on creative projects.

Last year, Moraglia took his favorite class at TCU. “Intro to Film/TV Aesthetics changed my perception of film, because I have started to analyze films differently,” he said. “Now, I watch them with a whole new perspective, paying attention to small details that contribute to the overall film. I recommend everyone take it because it draws attention to small elements of film that average people wouldn’t think about.”

Moraglia has found out that everything comes easier when you keep a planner with you at all times. “I always keep one in my backpack because I like to stay very organized and know exactly when everything is,” he said.

Whether he is studying in his room surrounded by the calming Christmas lights that he put up to help him study or taking a break by going to West 7th with all of its cool places and buildings, Moraglia enjoys his time at TCU.