From Guatemala to Fort Worth: One student’s experience far, far from home

Now living over 1,100 miles from her home in Guatemala City, Mariana Quinones, a sophomore at Texas Christian University, shares why she chose TCU and the things she loves about it. Quinones is a double major in strategic communication and film, television and digital media. Since she was a little girl, Quinones remembers her mother collecting National Geographic magazines. The way National Geographic documented stories in a creative, appealing and visual manner inspired Quinones to pursue visual media. She chose to study film, television and digital media because of her passion to document stories in a positive light. With negative media dominating the news, Quinones strives to use visual communication in a creative and constructive manner.

Quinones chose to attend TCU while visiting campus to see her older brother, Ricardo Quinones. It was then that she fell in love with the atmosphere at TCU. “My favorite aspect of the school is the people in general. The whole community at TCU is so humble and generous, it’s contagious,” she said.

When she isn’t in class, studying or playing tennis, Quinones is either hanging out with friends or working on a personal project editing video clips showcasing the most beautiful parts of Guatemala.

When asked to describe football game days at TCU, Quinones’s face lit up and she said, “Game day is one of the coolest times for me. With everyone yelling “GO FROGS” and wearing TCU gear, it’s definitely a day that brings the entire campus together. Everyone on campus gleams with pride. Game days are definitely a bonding experience.”