Meet Ryan Layne – Transfer Student

Meet Ryan Layne, a senior from Austin, Texas studying sports broadcasting with a minor in communication studies. He transferred to Texas Christian University his junior year after going to a community college in Austin for two years. Layne always knew he wanted to transfer to TCU because it was his ideal campus culture and a spirited university. Also, some of his family went to school here before him. “Fort Worth feels like home and everyone here is nice,” he said.

Layne chose to minor in communication studies because it relates to his major, sports broadcasting. He said having a communication studies minor creates more opportunities for him and Layne wants to be able to use it as much as he can in his future career.

There are many things he is thrilled about looking forward to the coming year, but he is most excited about his internship at a radio station. He is eager to gain more experience in this field because he wants to continue working in radio after graduation. Planning for the future since choosing his major and minor, Layne’s dreams after college are simple: “Get a job and be able to support myself and hopefully a family one day,” he said.

Layne loves TCU because of the close family community around the campus. “My favorite memory of TCU is meeting new people and gaining those relationships with friends that will last a lifetime,” he said.

Being a senior and graduating soon, one piece of advice Layne would give to incoming TCU first-years is, “Stay patient and have people around you that you can count on and trust.” He admits that being a first-year may be intimidating, but it goes by really fast and it’s important to cherish your time at TCU.