CLASS OF 2015: TCU Football’s Finest

Name: Rachel Phillips
Hometown: Rockwall, Texas
Major: Film, Television and Digital Media
Occupation: Director of Recruiting Operations at Texas Christian University 

Frog Family.  

To some, it’s just a saying. For Rachel Phillips, it’s a lifestyle. 

Phillips applied to one university, Texas Christian University. She filled out the entire application in one night, staying up until 4 a.m. until she was completely satisfied with her work. This is simply a glimpse into a meticulous work ethic that continues to bring success to her current career, director of recruiting operations at TCU.  

Phillips majored in film, television and digital media at TCU because she knew it would give her the proper skills to advance her career. “I’m more of an introvert,” she said. “And this major helped me sharpen skills like speaking in front of people in order to do my extroverted job without having to completely switch my personality.” 

In her first year, she began working for Matt Lewis, who is now the director of football operations at TCU. She then was an intern and graduate assistant for the Athletics Compliance Office. 

In 2015, Phillips graduated with honors and accepted a position at Oklahoma State. Her ultimate goal, however, was to return home. 

“During my time at Oklahoma State, I still was rooting for TCU, said Phillips. “I think TCU does a great job taking care of its alumni. And not just by giving them jobs but giving them the passion that they want to help the university regardless of where they go.”  

In January 2017, Phillips was offered a position as the Director of Recruiting Operations by her former boss, Matt Lewis, and was welcomed back to the Frog family with open arms. 

“Tireless worker,” said head football coach Gary Patterson. “She does a great job. She’s a TCU Horned Frog through and through.”

Coach Patterson’s core values have always drawn Phillips to the TCU football program, the main one being family.  

“Coach P takes care of his own,” Phillips said. “A lot of people know him as Coach P, but they don’t get to see the other side of him and the passion he has for transforming kids. It’s something that I have never seen, not only in another head coach but in any person. I get chills saying it because that’s what I want to be a part of, something that’s changing lives.” 

And that’s exactly what Phillips is doing at TCU – helping change lives.  

There is so much more to Phillips’ job than standing on the sidelines during game day, giving recruits tours and sending out recruiting mail. They are all a part of her job, but they don’t scratch the surface of how much work she puts in every day. 

“It’s not just reaching out to get recruits, it’s all about family and relationships,” Phillips said. “It’s the calls at 10 p.m. asking how to write the short answer on the application, questions on specific vaccines or which bed sheets are needed. It’s getting kids eligible and helping with waivers and learning about kids’ stories and their backgrounds. I’ve met so many incredible human beings through this job.” 

Upon entering TCU, one of the first relationships that football players develop is with Phillips. 

Not only is she the director of recruiting operations, Phillips is also a mentor, admissions counselor, manager, assistant DFO, event planner, and many other roles.  

Anybody who has worked alongside Phillips will tell you she’s one of the most diligent, hardest-working people they have met. 

Phillips begins work at 7 a.m., attends 8 a.m. staff meetings, works on applications with kids, updates the recruiting database, checks player eligibility in weekly compliance, attends practice daily, plans official and unofficial visits, prepares for games and junior days, and generally heads home around 8 p.m.… seven days a week. 

Phillips is an integral member of TCU Football and she works tirelessly so that future Frogs can find their family at TCU just as she did. 

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