Alumni Profile: Britney Cech

Major: Film, Television and Digital Media
Graduating Class: 2018
Hometown: Meadow Place, Texas
Current Location: Los Angeles, California

Britney Cech graduated in December 2018 and says that her experience in the film, television and digital media major gave her hands-on experience that allowed her to work towards her goal of becoming a producer in the film industry.

During her time at the Bob Schieffer College of Communication, Cech worked on a class project, 76105: Dr. King Won’t Rise, a film she helped produce for a local nonprofit. As a producer, she not only learned how to visualize what the audience should see, but also how to direct a film crew. She also learned time management skills because she had to create and manage a demanding film schedule during the three-month project.

“The biggest challenge I faced was keeping the documentary under 30 minutes,” said Cech. “It felt like all I did for those three months was eat, sleep and work on this documentary.”

Representatives of the American Pavilion, an international film festival, visited one of her classes and while there, Cech developed real-world connections. Now that she is living in Los Angeles, those connections have brought her friends in the film industry.

“It’s not the major that gives you the edge in your career but the work that you put into it, by connections with professors outside the classroom, and working connections with fellow classmates,” said Cech.

Cech believes that the Schieffer College and her major gave her the best education she could possibly earn.