Six Questions with Laurel Rogers

Name: Laurel Rogers
Class: Senior
Major: Strategic Communication
Minors: Business and Film, TV and Digital Media
Hometown: Columbus, Ohio

  1. Go-to study snack
  1. Go-to study music
    I love the playlist, “All The Feels,” on Spotify. Check it out, it’s great!
  1. Go-to study spot
    Third floor Rees-Jones tables
  1. Three words to describe your Bob Schieffer College of Communication experience
    Helpful, innovative, resourceful
  1. Tell me about a professor/mentor at TCU who has impacted your experience.
    My film professor, Richard Allen, has been my favorite so far. He is extremely personable and really cares about his students, especially if they are having some sort of personal issue going on. He will go out of his way to help you, he’s super funny, relaxed and really cares about his classes. Plus, he always chooses great films in his class and leads interesting discussions about them. I have taken several of his classes.
  1. Favorite TCU memory
    Studying abroad in Florence, Italy for the spring semester of 2018