Five Questions with a Film, Television and Digital Media Major

Name: Libby Glenn
Major: Film, Television and Digital Media
Hometown: Santa Monica, California
Class: Junior

  1. What is your favorite part of your major?
    My favorite thing about my major is that creativity is encouraged and valued. Every class I take in the Film, Television and Digital Media department makes me all the more excited for my career after college.
  1. What made you choose this major?
    Growing up in Los Angeles, I always had an interest in the entertainment industry. I love that Texas Christian University’s film, television and digital media major encompasses multiple aspects of the field.
  1. What makes the TCU Film, Television and Digital Media department special?
    I think the teachers and my fellow students in this major make the department so special. The professors are always there for their students. I truly feel like I can go to them with any issues I’m facing, personal or professional, and they’ll always be there to help me. I’ve also made some of my closest friends within the department; they are all really kind and genuine people.
  1. What is your favorite class you’ve taken for your major?
    My favorite class I’ve taken so far is Intro to Film and Television Aesthetics with Professor Richard Allen. In the class you watch movies and television shows and observe how aesthetic elements such as color, lighting and sound are used to convey a certain argument or evoke a certain feeling.
  1. What do you want to do after you graduate?
    After I graduate I want to go home to Los Angeles and get a job as a production assistant or executive assistant at a film studio or a production company.