CLASS OF 2019: Alumni Spotlight

Name: Haley Polk 19  

Major: Film, Television and Digital Media  

Haley Polk, a film, television and digital media major from Colleyville, Texas, graduated from Texas Christian University in December of 2019.   

Since graduating, Polk has been pursuing companies that are offering positions in customer service in Denver, Colorado. Her job hunt has been put on hold due to COVID-19, but she is confident that she will get to pursue that position.  

Polk’s interest in social media inspired her to pursue a film, television and digital media major. Many of the classes that were required for her major were focused on digital media, which is the industry that she eventually wants to end up in.  

Business of Transmedia, taught by Dr. Kimberly Owczarski, was Polk’s most influential class from her undergraduate studies. “Every campaign that we focused on was a glimpse into my future. This class made me connect the things I was learning to multiple channels and forms of media,she said.  

Polk’s all-time favorite Texas Christian University memory was her last Christmas tree lighting before she graduated. “As a December graduate, I knew that the tree lighting was a closing to the college chapter of my life,” she said. “My last tree lighting was very special to me. I got to really appreciate the magic of the tree lighting, one last time.