CLASS OF 2021: Brad Ramsey

Name: Brad Ramsey
Major: Film, Television and Digital Media
Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri 

Brad Ramsey is a junior at Texas Christian University majoring in film, television and digital media. During his first campus visit, Ramsey was very impressed with what TCU had to offer, noting the wonderful academic facilities students have access to and the incredibly welcoming atmosphere.   

Ramsey chose film, television and digital media as a major because of a lifelong desire to pursue filmmaking as both a career and art form. After graduation, he hopes to pursue a career in screenwriting or directing, working as a cinematographer or any position that will keep him close to a camera. 

Ramsey has a passion for creating art using film as a medium and enjoys writing. He mentions a list of authors, artists and filmmakers such as George R.R. Martin, Greg Capullo, Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan as some of his influences. 

On campus, Ramsey has been the president of the Student Filmmaker’s Association, a student-run organization that produces short films written and directed by its members. You can search for TCU SFA on Vimeo and find dozens of short films put together by the group’s members. 

Ramsey says his favorite experience on campus would be when he was able to make several short films with friends, act, direct and get involved with cinematography, “It was so incredibly enjoyable and fulfilling, and I learned so much,” he said. 

If Ramsey had advice for his underclassman self, he would say to be more outgoing early on and to seek out every academic resource you can, pointing out its many benefits. 

Ramsey considers the professors in film, television and digital media to be fantastic educators and mentors. “I like that the faculty challenge me and help me better understand who I am as a filmmaker,” he said. “I appreciate this most about TCU and the Bob Schieffer College of Communication. 

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