Why Are You Studying…

Maddie Cole

  • Major: Film, Television, and Digital Media
  • Hometown: Seal Beach, California
  • Graduation Date: May 2017

What is your favorite movie?



I switched from Strategic Communication to FTDM my sophomore year because I had to follow my passion for filmmaking. I have always loved movies and the process behind them. Any time I went to the movies growing up I made my family wait for me to stay through all the credits because I was so fascinated by who and what it took to make a film.

What opportunities and skills has studying FTDM at TCU given you?

FTDM has provided a tight-knit community of film lovers that I wouldn’t have received elsewhere. Coming from California I live in the Mecca of film and the fact that our film program doesn’t have its own college is somewhat motivating. TCU film is an underdog in the film school realm and I think that makes us feel we need to prove ourselves even more. You really have to get what you want out of the program and the faculty is more than helpful towards helping you achieve your creative goals.