Braeden Lawrence Talks All Thing Sports Broadcasting and TCU

Name: Braeden Lawrence
Major: Sports Broadcasting 
Hometown: Albuquerque, New Mexico 

Searching for a path to somewhere new, Braeden Lawrence left his hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico, for the frog life here in Fort Worth, Texas.  

Before coming to Texas Christian University, Lawrence knew he wanted to major in sports broadcasting due to his love and passion for sports. Growing up, Lawrence watched sports with his family every chance he got. Lawrence and his father would watch sports together and have conversations about details of the games and their favorite players. His favorite sports team is the Chicago Bears and he grew up playing a variety of sports such as baseball, basketball, swimming, and his favorite, golf. His passion for sports naturally led him to his choice of being a sports broadcasting major. 

Lawrence’s favorite class in his major is Sports Post-Production. “The class really challenged me to get creative with creating and editing videos, and being in such a great environment, surrounded by supportive professors and classmates, made the experience worthwhile,he said. 

Speaking of supportive professors, Lawrence said one of his favorite professors is Chuck LaMendola. LaMendola has a great approach to teaching,” he said. “LaMendola genuinely cares about his students and understands that you can have fun while teaching and learning.”  

When Lawrence has free time, he likes to relax, hang out with friends or watch sports (surprise, surprise). I have learned over the past three years I’ve been at TCU that having downtime is important to one’s wellbeing,” he said. “Without balance, life can become very overwhelming. 

Lawrence’s favorite place to eat in Fort Worth is The Woodshed. “The Woodshed has such a great atmosphere, the food is great, and it really embodies what people love about Fort Worth, he said 

When asked about some of the valuable lessons he has learned at TCU, Lawrence said,You can’t take yourself or anything too serious. You have to let loose sometimes and understand mistakes will happen and that that’s just life.”  

Lawrence’s favorite memory from TCU is going to Division I athletic events. He said that TCU sporting events, especially football, expresses how close TCU and the Fort Worth community really are. “Being at a TCU sporting event feels like going somewhere with you big, loud, crazy family, he said. 

Lawrence hopes to pursue a career in sports broadcasting and share his passion for sports with his community. 

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