Class of 2021: Five Questions with an Aspiring Hollywood Star

Student: Matthew Moore
Major: Film, Television and Digital Media
Class: Junior
Hometown: Boca Raton, Florida  

Why Texas Christian University?  

My father went to TCU and I have family all around Texas. I enjoy the weather and frankly I have a lot of fun being able to go by our family ranch near TCU. It’s truly my happy place. 

Why Film, Television and Digital Media (FTDM)? 

I’ve been in love with theater my whole life. I was ready to take on something new and seeing how I love movies, I figured I could learn a new trade and maybe get both in front of and behind the camera.   

Favorite class you’ve taken so far? 

My Media Analysis class was fun. I felt like we could genuinely discuss whatever was on our mind while also learning about the industry itself.   

Behind or in front of the camera? 

Both! I love theater and performing but I also enjoy the technical aspects of capturing a great actor or actress. 

Goals after graduation? 

Move to Los Angeles and give myself two years to “make it” or at least be on the ground floor of something. Preferably, get in contact with FTDM graduates from TCU in Los Angeles. 

Which actor would play you in a movie about you? 

One of the kids from Stranger Things to play my childhood, then someone like Matthew Broderick to play my adult self. I’ve been through some crazy stuff so I imagine the movie would be interesting! A photo of TCU student Matthew Moore.