A Conversation with Jared Lemelin

Major: Film, Television and Digital Media
Class: Junior
Hometown: Rancho Cucamonga, California

Why did you choose to major in film, television and digital media?
Film has always been what I enjoy learning about the most. Ever since I was little, I wanted to know how filmmakers did what they did. I wanted to be someone who could tell stories and create images that make people feel the way I felt watching movies as a kid. That desire never left as I grew up and when I found out that you could go to school to study movies instead of math, I was sold.

What skills has this major given you?
Probably one of the greatest skills this major has given me is the opportunity to work with others in the field. A group project for one of my classes here feels like a day on a film set. Learning how to take the work of different people and turn it into one vision is something that I think will be very valuable in work and in life.

Any advice for first-year students?
Incoming first-years have probably heard this a million times: Do notnot come into your first year thinking that you need to have it all figured out already! College is supposed to be the place where you try new things and put yourself out there. If you’re coming in undeclared, that’s great! If you feel like you want to change majors once, twice, or even three times, that’s fine as well! Be open to new adventures and most of all – have fun!

What’s your favorite study music and why?
My favorite study music is, ironically, film scores. John Williams, Hanz Zimmer, James Newton Howard, the list goes on. For studying, film scores work really well because there’s nothing to sing along to but there’s still a constant background noise that helps me focus. Plus, I always get put in an energetic mood when I hear the main themes from my favorite movies, so that helps me stay on task. 

What’s your favorite thing to do off-campus?
My friends and I have recently gotten into axe-throwing. There is a place a couple of minutes away from campus called Fort Worth Axe Factory and it’s a blast. One of my roommates actually bought an axe from the place and we’ve started throwing it at a tree in our backyard. Aside from that, I really enjoy hosting movie nights at our house with a big group of people.