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Class of 2009: Get to Know Stacie Shidler

A photo of TCU alumna Stacie Shidler.

Name: Stacie Shidler Then: Dallas, Texas Now: Troy, Ohio Major: Strategic Communication   Stacie Shidler ’09 graduated from Texas Christian University with a bachelor of science degree in strategic communication. Shidler always had an interest in graphic design and knew she wanted to pursue a career in marketing. She chose this major because it covered all areas of advertising. “The classes I took supported my specific… Read more »

Class of 2009: Meet Richard Kottwitz

A photo of TCU alumnus Richard Kottwitz.

Originally from Plano, Texas, Richard Kottwitz ’09 graduated from Texas Christian University with a degree in advertising and public relations from the Bob Schieffer College of Communication. In three words, he describes his experience at the college as “valuable life experience.”   Kottwitz completed a year at a community college while he was “figuring it out,” then decided to come… Read more »

Class of 2020: A COVID-19 Graduate

A photo of TCU alumna Mary Katherine Camp.

Name: Mary Katherine Camp Hometown: Longview, Texas  Class: Senior Major: Strategic Communication  Mary Katherine Camp is a member of Texas Christian University’s December 2020 graduating class. Camp described graduating during a pandemic as interesting. “Sadly, this is how I am spending my last semester: class from home, no events, and different football games. But I am thankful that my close friends… Read more »

Unwavering Tenacity Amidst a Global Pandemic

A photo of TCU alumna Julie Doles.

Name: Julie Doles Major: Strategic Communication Class: 2020 Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan   Although Julie Doles grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, her love for football made her a Texan at heart.   As an undergrad at Texas Christian University, Doles knew she wanted to get involved with the football program. By the time she entered her senior year, she was working for the team as a student worker in the recruiting department. Little did she… Read more »

Class of 2019: Jenna Dukes

A photo of TCU alumna Jenna Dukes.

Hometown: Cypress, Texas Major: Strategic Communication While at Texas Christian University, Jenna Dukes ’19 was involved in the Frog Shadow Program, a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma, wrote for the student newspaper, The Skiff, and volunteered for Frogs for Autism. Dukes also served as a Rho Gamma, a Panhellenic woman who disassociates from their chapter to help Potential New Members (PNMs) through the recruitment process.  … Read more »

Class of 2020: Claire Ruskin

A photo of TCU alumna Claire Ruskin.

Hometown: Lafayette, California Major: Strategic Communication  During her years at Texas Christian University, Claire Ruskin ’20 served as a public relations manager for Roxo, the student-run advertising agency in the Bob Schieffer College of Communication, was actively involved in her sorority, worked with Circle of Sisterhood, and NEXT (a first–year leadership program). Ruskin graduated magna cum laude with honors.  Graduating during COVID-19 was hard on many students…. Read more »

Meet Alejandra Serna, Class of 2020

A photo of TCU alumna Alejandra Serna.

Major: Strategic Communication Minor: Journalism Hometown: San Antonio, Texas Dream Job: Fashion Magazine Editor  Alejandra Serna is a creative person at heart and has many dreams she would love to accomplish within her life. Growing up, she lived in the same house, attended the same school and knew the same people her entire life, so… Read more »

Class of 2021: Getting to know A.D. Bigot

A photo of TCU student A.D. Bigot.

Name: A.D. Bigot Hometown: Wichita Falls, Texas Major: Strategic Communication  Why did you choose Texas Christian University? I chose TCU because it was only an hour and a half from home. I wanted to be away at school but close enough to see my family on occasion.   Why strategic communication? I started as a business major but didn’t enjoy the accounting and analytics, so I switched to strategic communication knowing that it had more advertising and public relations courses.    As a… Read more »

Class of 2021: Annin Decker

A photo of TCU student Annin Decker.

Name: Annin Decker  Hometown: Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania                                             Major: Strategic Communication Minor: Film, Television and Digital Media Class: 2021  What influenced you to choose Texas Christian University? From the moment I visited TCU as a high school senior, I knew that I… Read more »

Madam President: Madison McQuary’s STCO Journey

A photo of TCU strategic communication major Madison MacQuary.

Name: Madison McQuary Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia  Major: Strategic Communication  Madison McQuary discovered the Bob Schieffer College of Communication her first year at Texas Christian University. She applied to the Strategic Communication program and three months later was accepted. The personalized classes really attracted her, and she was able to tailor a college experience to her interests.  When it comes to McQuary, it’s not only her creativity that fuels her but also her sense of strategic thinking, which she first discovered in Research with Dr. Jong-Hyuok Jung…. Read more »