Strategic Communication

(BS, MS)

The Strategic Communication major prepares students to think and act as professionals and ethical citizens in a global community. It also helps students develop competencies that prepare them for professional employment and advanced studies. The goal of the Department is to create skilled professional communicators who understand their social, legal and ethical responsibility in a rapidly changing media landscape that connects societies around the world. A rigorous curriculum challenges students to not only communicate to diverse audiences in a free society through critical thinking, analytical writing and compelling presentation but also evaluate its effectiveness.

Bachelor of Science in Strategic Communication

The Bachelor of Science with a major in strategic communication requires 124 hours with 39 hours in strategic communication. All strategic communication majors must complete the four gateway courses with a C (2.0) or higher and have a combined 2.5 GPA before enrolling in advanced, required courses for the major. Strategic communication majors also must complete STCO 32403STCO 35503STCO 46403 and STCO 48833 or (STCO 48813 or STCO 48823). No course applied to the student’s major or associated requirement may be taken on a pass/no-credit basis. All skills courses must be taken sequentially. To complete the 39 STCO hours, students must also fulfill the requirements in one of three 15-hour concentration areas: integrated, advertising or public relations. Students may earn a degree in only one area of concentration.

Master of Science in Strategic Communication

This degree is designed for working strategic communication professionals seeking to broaden their understanding of strategic communication theories and skills in strategy, research, storytelling, new media and leadership. Students will take a blend of advertising and public relations courses that enable them to compete in today’s digital and global world.

An applicant who does not meet the admission requirements must take up to 15 semester hours of undergraduate journalism, advertising, or public relations courses that will not count toward the graduate degree. The Department of Strategic Communication graduate faculty will determine the number of semester hours needed.

The Master of Science in Strategic Communication require 36 hours.

All Strategic Communication graduate students take the following core courses: STCO 50123, STCO 50183, STCO 60113, STCO 60133, STCO 60123, and STCO 60183

Students may select up to 18 hours of strategic communication courses that best fit their career needs. With special permission from the graduate director, up to 6 approved graduate hours may be taken outside the Department of Strategic Communication.

Students may choose one of two tracks for graduation.
The project track requires 33 hours of coursework and 3 hours of project. For TCU Certified Public Communicator graduates, and with permission from the graduate director, the project track requires 27 hours of coursework and 3 hours of project. The project is completed during the semester prior to graduation. Students who do a project apply the skills and knowledge they have gained in their graduate coursework to solve an applied, contemporary problem or issue.

The thesis track requires 30 hours of coursework and 6 hours of thesis. For TCU Certified Public Communicator graduates, and with permission from the graduate director, the thesis track requires 24 hours of coursework and 6 hours of thesis. The thesis takes two semesters to complete and involves a research project. Graduate students who are thinking of going on to earn a Ph.D. typically elect for the thesis track.