Dr. Ashley English speaks to a group of strategic communication majors at the department’s information fair on Sept. 22, 2021.

2019-2020 Strat Comm Curriculum Chart

Students in the Department of Strategic Communication learn a lot in the classroom, but they are also encouraged to learn outside the classroom in co-curricular activities at TCU, in internships, and in their everyday activities. One of the goals of our program is to give majors many opportunities to learn about communication leadership for their future roles in business, nonprofits, public-sector and agency operations.

Each student is assigned an academic adviser with the department, once he or she is admitted to the program. By working with an adviser, each student will devise an academic plan that not only fulfills catalog requirements, but that also prepares him or her for a worthwhile and meaningful career based on personal goals. During a face-to-face appointment with an academic adviser during each long semester, each student may discuss course selection, degree planning, internship opportunities and job-search tips to get ready for life after graduation.

Useful Links for Students:

Application and Admission Process

Academic Calendar

The following guides were designed to help you choose which courses to take to fulfill major requirements:

Curriculum Guide for Majors who entered the program before Fall 2018

Curriculum Guide for Majors who entered the program in Fall 2018 or later