Diversity and Inclusiveness

Kwamena “Aspa” Kwansah-Aidoo, second from right, spoke in spring 2014 to strategic communication students about multicultural communication. With him are TCU faculty members, from left, Catherine Coleman, Jacque Lambiase, Amiso George and Laura Bright. Kwansah-Aidoo teaches at Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia, where he served as international dean.

The Department of Strategic Communication encourages and supports efforts to achieve, sustain and value diversity through a variety of efforts, especially those that:

  • define diversity and inclusiveness as a way of life at the university, in the workplace and in the world, not just as an isolated objective related to recruitment or accreditation;
  • celebrate the rich contributions of women and men from diverse backgrounds to the professions represented in the school;
  • create a culture in which no individual is given or denied opportunity because of any aspect of diversity;
  • maintain goals related to recruitment and retention of a diverse faculty, staff and student body;
  • emphasize creative and innovative ways to encourage a healthy culture of diversity and inclusiveness in the faculty, in the student strategic communication agency, in student organizations, and in the classroom;
  • establish, maintain and encourage diversity-related curriculum that both focuses solely on diversity and integrates diversity into the curriculum broadly by making it part of every course as appropriate, thereby helping students to see diversity in the context of the professions, but also realizing that most need an intensive course to kick start their knowledge and awareness;
  • prepares student to seek improvements in diversity and inclusiveness for their professional industries; and
  • recognize diversity as an economic, legal, moral, ethical, social and political issue.