Class of 2021: Anna Adams

From Horse Reins to Political Reins

Name: Anna Adams
Hometown: Oakdale, California
Major: Strategic Communication
Minor: Political Science  

Growing up on a farm in northern California made Anna Adam’s thirst for the true Southern lifestyle that much more intense. After various college visits in and around the South, Adams found herself falling in love with Texas Christian University and the Horned Frog. She submitted her deposit and left her comfortable, small-town life for a chance to make her way in a new state. With a smile on her face, Adams said, “Once I came to TCU, I never doubted my choice. I knew this school was where I would grow as both a young woman and a student.”  

Adams laughs uncontrollably as she tells the tale of her first major. “I came to TCU as a biology major, having no idea what was in store for me,” she said. After just a few weeks, she realized that the major she would eventually graduate with would take more effort to find than she originally thought. It took her not one, not two, not three, but four tries to find the right match for her.  

Adams found her perfect fit in the Bob Schieffer College of Communication, where she chose strategic communication as her major. Growing up, she was known as a people person, who always enjoyed making genuine connections with anyone and everyone. She found that she could apply her interests and utilize them to further her knowledge in the advertising and public relations field. “Strategic communication has challenged me to step out of my comfort zone and push my creative skills,” she said.The major has broadened my scope of critical thinking and has given me confidence in myself as a student.” 

Since adopting her new major, Adams has found that she enjoys the political spectrum of public relations. Her minor, political science, allows her to explore the various fields that communication can be applied to. With her new career path, she was able to get connected with Senator John Cornyn and his campaign team. She interned at the senator’s office, analyzing data, working on social media and connecting with voters. Working on this campaign allowed her to get out of the classroom setting and gain a fresh perspective on both fields she is studying.  

Adams still finds time to be involved on campus. She is part of the Public Relations Student Society of America and attends meetings frequently. Recently, she became a member of TCU’s College Republicans. Due to her interest in the field of politics, she found it important to surround herself with others passionate about the same views. Both of these organizations have allowed her to make relationships with others in her studies and build deeper relationships she never thought possible.  

While many students do not want to think about their life after graduation, Adams already has plans of going back to school. “I hope to go to law school and continue my education after TCU,” she said. I have found a passion for the field of politics and want to broaden my knowledge.” Although she has long-term goals, she does not take her current college experience for granted. Every day she is reminded what the university has given her, both professionally and socially.