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Meet Schieffer Grad Student Søren Dahl

A photo of Søren Dahl, a graduate student in the Strategic Communication department.

When you pass Søren Dahl in the hallways of Moudy South you can’t help but notice him. He stands at well over six feet tall, with a brilliant shock of bleach blond hair, ready to flash a bright smile at everyone he meets. When he lifts his arm to wave at you, you’re likely to… Read more »

Haylen Green: A Baseball Life

Haylen Green has been tossing a baseball off his wall from the time he was able to use his hands. There are pictures of him as an infant laying in his crib with a baseball or football right by his side. He says he has had a strong desire to play sports since the age… Read more »

Caroline Cobb: Real-World Experience Begins in the Classroom

Major: Strategic Communication Class: Junior Hometown: Southlake, Texas Caroline Cobb is creative and loves being a student in the Strategic Communication department because she feels that it not only gives her a practical way to use her creativity, but it also is properly preparing her to work in the advertising and public relations industries. One… Read more »

Violet Herzfeld and her Experience in NSAC

A photo of Strategic Communication major Violet Herzfeld.

According to Violet Herzfeld, “The best way to learn about an advertising campaign is to develop one in NSAC.” The National Student Advertising Competition, better known as NSAC, is an annual advertising competition that challenges college students around the nation to develop an integrated advertising campaign for a corporate sponsor of its choosing. This year’s… Read more »

Q & A with Taylor Kilpatrick

A photo of Taylor Kilpatrick, a strategic communication major.

Name: Taylor Kilpatrick Major: Strategic Communication Class: Junior Hometown: College Station, Texas Why did you choose TCU? TCU offers a community of genuine relationships not only among peers, but between the students and faculty. TCU gives you the best of both worlds: socially it feels like any other large university and academically we are provided… Read more »

Meet Regina Lewis

For Regina Lewis, being a non-traditional student means not only going to class with people the same age as her sons, but also working at TCU as a full-time employee. She is majoring in Strategic Communication in the Bob Schieffer College of Communication. Lewis is the administrative assistant of the English Department and in charge… Read more »

Q & A with Porter Carroll

A photo of Porter Carroll, a strategic communication major at TCU.

Major: Strategic Communication Class: Sophomore Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri Why did you choose TCU? When I applied to TCU, I wasn’t highly considering it until I came to visit. I not only loved the campus, but everyone that I met was genuine and welcoming. I chose TCU because of the campus community and the opportunities that… Read more »

The Class of 2019: Riahnna Whitely

Hometown: Fort Worth, Texas Majors: Strategic Communication and Film, Television and Digital Media What made you decide to come to TCU? I’m from the area so I always knew about TCU. Everyone has so much school spirit and it’s such a positive environment. Additionally, my sister attended TCU, so it was kind of a no-brainer…. Read more »

The Class of 2019: Kelly Trask

A photo of Schieffer College student Kelly Trask.

Major: Strategic Communication Minor: Film, Television and Digital Media Hometown: Highlands Ranch, Colorado What lead you to choosing a major and a minor in the Schieffer College? Right off the bat, I knew that this major and minor pairing was meant for me. Two of my brothers have graduated from TCU and were both in… Read more »

The Class of 2019: Katey Rose Palella

A photo of TCU alumna, Katey Rose Palella.

Name: Katey Rose Palella Major: Strategic Communication Hometown: Lake Forest, Illinois Katey Pallela was a strategic communication major and a business minor at TCU. Katey came from Lake Forest, Illinois, and attended Lake Forest High School where she was a varsity cheerleader all four years. After deciding on a school totally different from the rest… Read more »