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Why Are You Studying…

Allison West Major: Strategic Communication Graduation Date: Spring 2018 Hometown: Austin, Texas What is your favorite commercial? I love the Budweiser puppy commercials! Why Strategic Communication? I did Strategic Communication because I am a creative person and a people person, so doing an integrated degree with an emphasis on public relations and advertising seemed like… Read more »

What You Need to Know About Strategic Communication – Catherine Babin

“You can intern on campus at TCU’s student run advertising agency, ROXO, and create advertising and PR campaigns for real, paying clients.” “There are study abroad opportunities specifically for STCO that give you credit toward your STCO degree.” “Senior STCO majors have the opportunity to compete in the National Student Advertising Competition during which students… Read more »

What You Need to Know About Strategic Communication – Vien Phan

“You get hands-on experience from various kinds of projects in STCO (Strategic Communication) classes. The STCO program encourages students to put their skills and knowledge into practice. You get to conduct research, write creative brief or present to real clients even in the beginning level classes.” “Classes are small, so professors help you with projects… Read more »

Three Questions for…

Three Questions for Steve Levering, Instructor, Strategic Communication What’s your favorite commercial? I always like the older Apple iPod commercials with the solid white logo over the bright colored backgrounds. They were always so fun and had great music behind it. If you could be any character from an action movie, who would you be?… Read more »