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Check out Roxo, our student-run PR and advertising agency

Since 2011, TCU’s student-run advertising and public relations agency, has served more than 75 businesses and organizations across Texas, winning numerous awards for its creative work and innovative strategies. Nearly 200 students have worked as Roxstars, gaining industry experience, portfolio pieces and hands-on experience that goes far beyond the classroom. Here’s just a glimpse at their… Read more »

Class of 2009: Strategic Communication Superstars

Ryan Cormier and Rolando Guerrero first crossed paths in Texas Christian University’s Bob Schieffer College of Communication in 2006. The two always had an interest in creative process and execution, enjoyed verbal and visual communication and gained interest in design programs at an early age. They chose AD/PR (later renamed strategic communication) because they felt the program had everything they needed to support their creative ambitions. While at TCU, Cormier and Guerrero were able to collaborate with their peers in the National Student Advertising… Read more »

Class of 2020: Meet Nicole Pudlo

A photo of Nicole Pudlo, a strategic communication major at TCU.

Name: Nicole Pudlo Major: Strategic Communication Hometown: Woodland Park, Colorado  Why did you pick Texas Christian University? It was one of the better schools in the area. I went to Tarrant County College first and then transferred to TCU in the spring of 2018. I wanted to challenge myself. I ended up getting a partial scholarship to TCU. I always wanted to come… Read more »

Class of 2021: Get to Know Victoria Becker

A photo of Victoria Becker, a strategic communication major at TCU.

Name: Victoria Becker Hometown: Denver, Colorado Class Year: Senior Major: Strategic Communication  Why did you choose to study strategic communication?  I’ve always known I really like words, but I didn’t want to be a writing or marketing major. Writing was too word–centric, and marketing was too calculated. I finally chose strategic communication because it offered so many real-life opportunities and creative work.    What is your dream job? My dream job is… Read more »

Class of 2022: Who is Megan Williams?

A photo of Megan Williams, a strategic communication major at TCU.

Name: Megan Williams Major: Strategic Communication Hometown: Murrieta, California Why did you choose this major? I was really interested in strategic communication because I have always enjoyed the creative side of things. I also had friends in this major who said great things about the program, so I thought it would be a good fit.   What has been your favorite class? Public Relations with Julie Armstrong. She was a teacher who listens to us, is caring… Read more »

Class of 2022: Madelyn Hicks

A photo of TCU student Madelyn Hicks.

Theatre and Strategic Communication: The Limitless World of Storytelling and Madelyn Hicks Name: Madelyn Hicks Majors: Strategic Communication and Theatre Hometown: Frisco, Texas   I asked Madelyn Hicks to describe herself in one word and she replied, “Passionate.”   Hicks has always loved marketing, but she has also had a burning passion for the performing art of theatre. Most people would say marketing and theatre do not go hand-and-hand. For her,… Read more »

Meet Lauren Malette, Class of 2022

A photo of TCU student Lauren Malette.

Name: Lauren Malette  Majors: Strategic Communication; Design Studies  Class: Sophomore  Hometown: Coppell, Texas   A Texas native with a creative flare, Lauren Malette found the strategic communication major at Texas Christian University to be the perfect path for her education. With her interest in art in high school, she knew she wanted to find a major that allowed… Read more »

Class of 2021: Katie Negron

A photo of strategic communication major Katie Negron.

Name: Katie Negron Hometown: Nashua, New Hampshire Class: Junior Major: Strategic Communication  Originally from Nashua, New Hampshire, Katie Negron is a strategic communication major and a minor in both Spanish and criminal justice at Texas Christian University. Alongside her academic affiliation with the Bob Schieffer College of Communication, Negron is a member of Greek life and the TCU Athletics… Read more »

Class of 2021: Charlotte Sutherland

A photo of Charlotte Sutherland, a strategic communication major at TCU.

Name: Charlotte Sutherland  Major: Strategic Communication Class: 2021 Hometown: Boulder, Colorado  A native Coloradan with an urge to explore, Charlotte Sutherland knew she wanted to attend a college outside of her home state. While exploring her options for schools that were out of state, Sutherland was drawn to the South. After visiting and considering University of Georgia, University of Texas, Clemson and… Read more »