Class of 2021: Get to Know Victoria Becker

NameVictoria Becker
Hometown: Denver, Colorado
Class Year: Senior
Major: Strategic Communication 

Why did you choose to study strategic communication? 
I’ve always known I really like words, but I didn’t want to be a writing or marketing major. Writing was too wordcentric, and marketing was too calculated. I finally chose strategic communication because it offered so many real-life opportunities and creative work.   

What is your dream job?
My dream job is to be an authorwriting books that inspire women and make them feel less alone. I would love to take what I’ve learned from strategic communication and eventually be known as a personality as well. There are many authors that have impacted my life, but they don’t feel very accessible, so I would love to connect with women online who read my writing.  

Which strategic communication class has been your favorite?
I loved my Strategic Writing class. I’ve always loved writing, and I thought it was so cool to hear about my professor’s career in class. I love it when professors in the Strategic Communication department share who they are and how they got to where they are today.  

What have you learned in strategic communication that will most benefit your future career?
I think reputation management is a really important lesson that we have learned in multiple classes. It’s such a skill to understand how a person or how the public sees a brand or situation. It’s important to think about how others will perceive your actions before you do them.  No matter what job I have, I want to be seen as somebody who holds strong to her values. 

How has majoring in strategic communication played into your overall experience at Texas Christian University?
My major was not the most important part of my TCU experience until I joined Roxo, a student advertising and PR agency on campus, the fall of my junior year. I met friends who shared similar passions, and I’ve seen how being in Roxo has prepared them well for their current jobsI’m so grateful for institutions like TCU that provide reallife experiences like Roxo.  

Do you have any plans for after you graduate?
I actually wrote a book this summer, that came out in October. I’m excited to use connections I’ve madin the Strategic Communication department and at TCU to get my message out there and start building that personal brand I was talking about. After I graduate, I would love to move to Nashville and work for a Christian publishing agency, eventually transitioning into being a full-time author.  

What is one thing you would like people to know about the strategic communication major?
It’s very creative. People in strategic communication are here because they are passionate about creativity and communication. Strategic communication is a great major to get inspired by and meet people who care about their work. People in the program are all creative on some level, whether it’s their problem solving, writing or design skills 

What are your favorite restaurants in Fort Worth?
I love HG Sply Co. and Local Foods Kitchen—Local Foods Kitchen is so underrated. If I had to choose a coffee shop, there’s one called Craftwork Coffee Co. on Magnolia.