Class of 2009: Strategic Communication Superstars

A photo of Ryan Cormier, an alumnus of TCU.

TCU alumnus Ryan Cormier

Ryan Cormier and Rolando Guerrero first crossed paths in Texas Christian University’s Bob Schieffer College of Communication in 2006The two always had an interest in creative process and executionenjoyed verbal and visual communication and gained interest in design programs at an early age. They chose AD/PR (later renamed strategic communication) because they felt the program had everything they needed to support their creative ambitions. While at TCU, Cormier and Guerrero were able to collaborate with their peers in the National Student Advertising Competition.   

In this competition, and capstone class, they were given a client and had to develop an advertising/public relations strategy, solution, plan book and presentation for a national initiative to prevent minors from binge drinking. This once-in-a-lifetime experience prepped the two for the real world, and it benefited them greatlyRegional success in the competition took Cormier and Guerrero to nationals in Washington, D.C., where their team placed in the top 10. After graduation, the two took different paths but not for long.   

Both remained in Fort Worth. Guerrero started his career at Agency Habitat while Cormier went with Glint Advertising. In their time apart, the two went on to strengthen and refine the skills they had learned in the Schieffer College. About two years later, Guerrero recruited Cormier to come work for Agency Habitat. Here, Cormier got to live his dream of being a part of a large-scale agency while working with his friend.   

A photo of TCU alumnus Rolando Guerrero.

TCU alumnus Rolando Guerrero

Cormier has honed his digital marketing and client service skills at the agency while Guerrero focused on branding, design and digital mediaDespite working in separate segments of the agency, the two remain close as a team.  

Guerrero said, We brainstorm new ideas together, constantly feeding off one another in a ping pong-like manner. We fire off ideas to one another to get the creative juices flowing just like we did in the National Student Advertising Competition. Since graduating, the pair has made quite a splash together, bringing Agency Habitat’s creative concepts to life.  

“I’m very glad that I earned a degree from TCU because it opened so many doors for me in the agency world,” said Cormier. “learned so many intangible skills such as creativity, accountability, collaboration and discipline that have all guided me on the path to my dream job.  

Many alumni from the College of Communication have worked at Agency Habitat, formerly GCG Marketing, either as interns or entry-level positionsIn addition to Cormier and Guerrero, other strategic communication alumni working at Agency Habitat include Allyson Cross, Alexandra Ward, Samantha Streit and Callie Jo Williams.  

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