Class of 2022: Madelyn Hicks

Theatre and Strategic Communication: The Limitless World of Storytelling and Madelyn Hicks

Name: Madelyn Hicks
MajorsStrategic Communication and Theatre
Hometown: Frisco, Texas  

I asked Madelyn Hicks to describe herself in one word and she replied, “Passionate.”  

Hicks has always loved marketing, but she has also had a burning passion for the performing art of theatre. Most people would say marketing and theatre do not go hand-and-hand. For her, however, anything is possible. From performing under the bright lights on the stage to creating advertisements for Dr. Pepper, whatever it is, she will find a way to add her zeal. When it came to selecting a college that made her feel at home, while at the same time encouraging her to showcase her creativity through both theatre and marketing/advertising, Texas Christian University solidified itself as her new home.  

Hicks is more than a double major. In her ambitious spirit, she finds ways to incorporate her affinity for performing into the world of strategic communication. “The storytelling that takes place in theatre is synonymous to storytelling in strategic communication,” she said.  

The strategic communication major encourages Hicks’ creativity and embodies her love for storytelling. It allows her to be hands-on, bringing her ideas to life and into a beautiful story. In her admiration for narrativeshe has always enjoyed advertising that tells a good story. “When I see a piece that is centered on the human experience, it’s gonna stick with me more than anything else,” she said. “I have taken a vested interest in understanding the practicality of strategic communication and storytelling through classes such as Media Law, which has been my favorite class to date.  

When Hicks isn’t on campus, you can find her on Magnolia Avenue, studying at one of the many bohemian coffee shops, enjoying live music or simply browsing the vintage stores and quaint galleries.  

The arts have always come naturally to Hicks. The freedom in acting as well as being around other creatives inspires everything she does. When given an assignment, even in practical classes such as Media Law, she will find a way to stand out, bringing along with her a refreshing sense of uniqueness. “When I take on a task I’m always going to give it 100 percent,” she said. Her passion for theatre and other forms of creative media sets her apart from the crowd.  

Hicks is more than passionate about theatre performance and other forms of expression. She is involved in extracurriculars such as the Paradox College ministry and the APO theatre service fraternity. Being a “hopeless romantic,” as she describes herself, made her fall in love with TCU and its community of people. For her, relationships are a priority. TCU has furthered her love for people and relationships by surrounding her with a community of like-minded people.   

Hicks’ story shows that possibilities at TCU are endless, and that uniqueness is not only encouraged, but celebrated, in the Bob Schieffer College of Communication.