The mission of the Bob Schieffer College of Communication is “to educate students to think, act and communicate effectively, ethically, critically and creatively in a global environment enriching their personal and professional lives.”

We believe ethical, truthful, appropriate communication is central to human identity and applicable to a variety of careers and experiences.


Schieffer students can study in one  — or more — of our four departments:

Inside the classroom

We apply communication theory, principles and history to current professional and analytical skills so our students graduate as flexible, critical-thinking, problem-solving communication practitioners.

Our classes are active and personal, emphasizing engaged learning. Our faculty connect their scholarly training and research to the courses they teach our students. That means a course in family communication will be taught by a professor who has published journal articles about how families work through conflict, or a course in media law will be taught by a professor who wrote a book about the law and ethics of social media use. Too, our faculty are accessible, involved mentors to our students.

Outside the classroom

Each department offers learning experiences to complement and reinforce key skills gained in classes, including:

These experiences not only foster learning: they help our students network with their fellow students, which cements the personal and professional relationships our graduates tell us are rooted in their days in our college.

The whole package

Given our location in the Fort Worth and Dallas metropolitan area, our students further network and develop their professional skills by interning at local non-profit organizations, in television newsrooms, for national sports franchises, in advertising and public relations agencies, and for video and film production companies.

Add together our academically challenging classes, expert faculty, out-of-class learning experiences, networking and internships, and what do you produce? Schieffer College graduates: a highly prepared, nimble, creative, thoughtful professionals.

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