The departments of Communication Studies and Film-TV-Digital Media and the schools of Journalism and Strategic Communication provide a mixture of technical and research skills from a diverse faculty who believe in and practice the teacher-scholar model. At TCU, you will immediately become an active member in a television studio, daily newspaper or course in organizational communication.

The faculty of the college are respected both nationally and internationally as professors and professionals in their field of expertise. One of the driving forces that keep the faculty active in their professional and research agendas, is to enhance the classroom experience of their students. Indeed, this group of faculty is the essence of the teacher/scholar model of education.

The faculty share one other common trait: a desire to interact with students. Whether in the classroom, on a research project, or programs abroad, interaction with faculty is an everyday experience. A caring, mentoring faculty working with a distinguished student population propels the academic mission of the College.

Mission Statement

To educate students to think, act and communicate effectively, ethically, critically and creatively in a global environment enriching their personal and professional lives.

Message from the Dean

Throughout his long and respected CBS network television journalism career, TCU alumnus and legendary “Face the Nation” host Bob Schieffer practiced his craft with integrity, civility and tenacity.

Dean Kristie Bunton

Kris Bunton, Ph.D.

In the Bob Schieffer College of Communication, we too stand for integrity, civility and tenacity. As a faculty, we are nationally recognized scholars and practitioners dedicated to guiding students to success in classrooms domestically and abroad, and in award-winning student agencies and student media. With our students, we study and practice effective, ethical, creative communication in all its forms – interpersonal, organizational, intercultural, rhetorical and mass-mediated through advertising, film, journalism and public relations. We create effective messages with words, visual imagery and sounds that may be presented in formats ranging from speeches to debates, Tweets, news stories, blogs, documentaries, public relations campaigns, radio broadcasts and live sports videocasts. We study the processes by which these many types of messages are sent and received so that we understand the effects and meanings of communication on individuals, families, organizations, culture and society.

Classwork in the Schieffer College of Communication prepares students for a variety of communication careers and for graduate study. Our classes are personal and active, and we pride ourselves on high-quality teaching and engaged learning. Students aren’t numbers to us; we’re committed to educating students for lives as ethical, informed leaders and responsible professionals. We don’t just want to prepare students for their first jobs. We want to help students learn how to learn and think critically for the rest of their lives. As a result, we hope our curious, critical-thinking, persistent alumni will be well-served a decade or two after graduation when they find themselves pursuing careers that haven’t even been invented yet.

Learning in the Schieffer College of Communication doesn’t just occur in our classes. Our students learn significant lessons about the ethical practice of communication when they work on our award-winning student activities, including our student news organizations and publications, our forensics and debate program, our campus radio station, our strategic communication agency that serves professional clients, and our advertising and public relations campaign contest teams.

Off-campus learning is important, too. Because of our location in the thriving Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, students have ample opportunities to complete internships in local television newsrooms, at regional magazines and newspapers, at advertising and public relations agencies, at video production companies, and at non-profit organizations. We also provide a rich array of study abroad opportunities.

In the Schieffer College of Communication, we work ethically, diligently and persistently, and we warmly welcome students to do that with us. Please join us.

Kris Bunton, Ph.D.
Dean of the Bob Schieffer College of Communication

2016-2017 TCU Bob Schieffer College of Communication Board of Visitors

Joel Anderson ’00
Sr. News Reporter, BuzzFeed
Palo Alto, CA
Troy Moncrief ’94
President, The Baker Firm - Fidelity National Title
Fort Worth, TX
Kristin M. Anthony ’97
Chairman, BSCOC’s Board of Visitors
Account Executive, ABC Television
Houston, TX
Jean Palmer-Savigny '96
Sr. Mgr. of Remote Operations, SportsNet New York
New York, NY
Valerie K. Blackburn '79
Project Manager, CBS Radio
Denver, CO
Amber Roberts ’97
Dallas, TX
Krys Boyd '92
Host/Managing Editor, KERA’s Think
Dallas, TX
H. Andrew Schwartz
Sr. VP for External Affairs, Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)
Bethesda, MD
Earl Cox
Chairman of the Board, OFCO
Fort Worth, TX
Stephen Tatum
Partner, Cantey Hanger LLP
Fort Worth, TX
Roy Eaton '59
Former Chairman, BSCOC’s Board of Visitors
President/Publisher, Wise County Messenger
Decatur, TX
Brad Wall '95
Sr. VP, Broadcast Operations, Disney/ABC Networks Group
Burbank, CA
Deborah Ferguson '87
Anchor, NBC 5 Today, NBC Universal
Fort Worth, TX
J. Michael Winter
President/Publisher, The Bowie News
Colleyville, TX
Paige Hendricks Russey '71
President, Paige Hendricks Public Relations, Inc.
Fort Worth, TX
Jim Witt
Retired - Executive Editor, Star-Telegram
Fort Worth, TX
Nick Karanges '81 & '83
Sr. VP of Real Estate Services, Innovative Developers, Inc.
Mansfield, TX