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Welcome to TCU’s Schieffer Media Insights Lab

The Schieffer Media Insights Lab is an innovative teaching and research space for analysis of online conversations in TCU’s Bob Schieffer College of Communication.

The lab leverages industry-leading social media listening platforms through partnerships with Brandwatch and Sprinklr for AI-powered collection, evaluation and visualization of big data while iMotions innovative tools measure effects of online media on audiences’ sentiment through facial expression analysis.

The lab is built not on its technological innovation but the expertise of its faculty. Undergraduate and graduate students get real-world experience in data analytics of social and digital media audiences while advancing their research into leading questions of the day.

The multi-function lab space allows for in-house or online programs, workshops, seminars, demonstrations and more. The flexible space allows for customized work environments and live streaming through the 75” interactive touchscreen computer and display of component widgets and visuals on its six-screen ultra-high-definition display panels.