The college is organized into several departments – Communication Studies –  Film-TV-Digital Media – Journalism and Strategic Communication – offering 10 major fields of concentration. Each provides professional training in vocational fields for students planning careers and serious and vocational training for those who wish to attain artistic ability without professional intent.

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An academic career is more than classes and labs. It is all of the important paperwork and procedures necessary to keep you on track for that most important graduation day. This is more than working with you advisor on class loads and schedules. It also means being committed to getting the right paper work completed on time to be certain you are on track for that graduation day. The Bob Schieffer College of Communication’s Office of the Dean serves as a resource to students and faculty throughout your academic career to answer questions regarding degree plans, taking over 18 hours a semester, transfer hours in the degree, study abroad as it relates to the major, and intent to graduate information.

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