Research and Creative Activity

Communication Studies Jackie Zhuang
Film, Television and Digital Media Dustin Hahn
Journalism Kristie Bunton
Strategic Communication Julie O'Neil

Schieffer Showcase

The Schieffer College hosted its annual Schieffer Showcase on April 19 on the first floor of Moudy South. Guests were invited to visit with undergraduate and graduate students to learn about their research and creative projects and videos.

Read about the 2023 Schieffer Showcase and the winning entries.

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The TCU Teacher-Scholar Model

All TCU faculty, including the Bob Schieffer College of Communication faculty, are teacher-scholars. To quote the TCU Office of Research, it’s not “teacher or scholar but more like ‘teacher as scholar’ and ‘scholar as teacher.'” When not teaching, our faculty devote their time to research and creative projects. That scholarship comes back to the classroom, ensuring Schieffer students are always at the forefront of learning.