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2020 Research and Creative Festival

When COVID-19 prevented Schieffer undergraduate and graduate students from being able to meet in person to present their research and creative achievements, the festival moved to an online format. The projects below are illustrative of the diversity of outstanding learning and achievements of Schieffer students.

In a Health Communication course taught by Dr. Qinghua Yang, Communication Studies graduate students Ashley Guidry, Ellie Haskins, and Miranda McLoughlin proposed a health campaign based on social support and communal coping to improve the well-being of couples with at least one partner diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes (END). Click Here to View

Communication Studies undergraduate student Nick Noguez received a 2019 Schieffer Summer Undergraduate Fellowship to conduct research and work with Dr. Qinghua Yang. Nick conducted 11 in-depth interviews to investigate individuals’ tendencies and strategies for uncertainty reduction in intercultural communication, especially when interacting with a stranger whose native language is different from theirs. Click Here to View

Strategic Communication graduate student Lisa Nottoli received a 2019 Schieffer Dean’s Research and Creativity Activity Grant to conduct her thesis research working with advisor Dr. Jacque Lambiase. Nottoli examined college students’ perceptions of social media self-regulation campaigns and intentions to self-regulate time on social media based upon the health belief model and the theory of planned behavior. Click Here to View

FTDM undergraduate students Juan Ojeda (Director), Sinai Diaz (Producer), Lauren Fuentes (Writer), Heesoo Yang (Director of Photography), Lawrence Grubbe (First Assistant Camera), Paul DeHondt (Editor), and Marcelo Martinez (Design and Marketing) worked under the direction of Professor Charity Robinson to create a 20-minute documentary called Worthy of More. The recipient of an “Award of Excellence” from the Broadcast Education Association’s Festival of Media Arts, this documentary highlights the problem of human sex trafficking in Fort Worth by positively focusing on an organization that offers empowering love and assistance for victims. Email Professor Robinson for the passcode to view the documentary:

Strategic Communication graduate student Thao Pham received a 2019 Schieffer Dean’s Research and Creativity Award to conduct her thesis research working with advisor Dr. Catherine Coleman. Using institutional theory as a framework, Pham qualitatively examined the relationship between the #MeToo movement and consumers’ responses to #MeToo-related brand messaging in the context of two masculine brands, Gillette and Bonobos. Click Here to View

STCO undergraduate students working at Roxo, TCU’s student advertising and public relations agency, have gained industry experience, portfolio pieces and hands-on experience this past year.

Kenzie Ashley created an infographic for TCU’s sustainability campaign. Click Here to View

Ashley Celis, Dylan Ross, Maddie Koelzer, Emily Plasencia, Melanie Stolze and Ana Lardizaba created a strategic communication plan for Way Out West, a spine and mobility clinic. Click Here to View

Maegan Powers, Austin Cochran, Becca Saxs, Nicole Ganci, Lexy Murry, Sarah Cunningham, Victoria Becker and Nathan Cabellero developed marketing strategy recommendations for the Arts Council of Fort Worth. Click Here to View

Melanie Stolze wrote a story to promote the Tarrant County Food Policy Council. Click Here to View

In an Organizational Communication course taught by Professor Sharon Stahrfisher, Economics and Communication Studies undergraduate student Jillian Verzwyvelt examined the underrepresentation of women in ballet artistic leadership through feminist standpoint theory. She assessed the recorded gender disproportionality quantitatively to illuminate the linguistic relativity, relationships, expectations, and other cognitive features within ballet companies. Click Here to View

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