Sports Broadcasting Major

The FTDM department offers a major in Sports Broadcasting, available as a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees. Admission to the major is by competitive application and is not guaranteed. Each year there are more qualified applicants to the sports broadcasting program than can be accommodated by existing faculty and facilities. In order to provide a personal and quality educational experience, the department must limit undergraduate admission through competitive application. Applications are accepted each spring (only) for admission to the major the following fall. Students interested in applying for admission into the sports broadcasting major should contact the Film, Television and Digital Media department for additional information and to obtain application instructions. Admission to the major is an entirely separate process from admission to the University; admission to the University does not guarantee admission to the major.

After successful admission to the Sports Broadcasting major, students are required to complete the following requirements for graduation:

Course Requirements:

It is strongly recommended that Sports Broadcasting majors complete their course requirements in the following order:

Step One: Sports Broadcasting Prerequisites

FTDM 10113 History of Broadcasting
FTDM 21113 Sports Broadcasting

Step Two: Sports Broadcasting Core Requirements

FTDM 21713 Introduction to Remote Sports Production
FTDM 20523 Business of Media

Step Three: Sports Broadcasting Production Courses

Students must complete four of the following courses:

FTDM 21513 Sports Radio
FTDM 31713 Remote Sports Production
FTDM 31723 Producing the Live Sports Event
FTDM 31733 Audio Production for Sports: Television and Radio
FTDM 41113 Sports Play-by-Play
FTDM 41333 Post-Production for Sports
FTDM 41383 Sports Documentary Production

Step Four: Sports Broadcasting Industry and Analysis Courses

Students must complete three of the following courses:

FTDM 30513 Audience Research
FTDM 30523 Media Marketing and Promotion
FTDM 30573 Broadcast and Cable Programming
FTDM 41580 Topics in Sports Media
FTDM 41713 Global Sports Media
KINE 30713 Sport Psychology
KINE 30723 Sport Sociology

Step Five: Additional Requirements

FTDM 30860 Internship (minimum of 3 hours required)
FTDM 40901 Senior Seminar (during last semester)

University Requirements:

1. A minimum of 124 semester hours is required to graduate from TCU. At least 42 semester hours must be earned at the 30000-level or above.
2 . Sports Broadcasting majors must complete a minor of at least 18 hours. This minor cannot be a Film, TV and Digital Media minor.
3. SB majors must complete the Core Curriculum requirements as described elsewhere in the TCU catalog. Information about the Core Curriculum can be found at the website:
4. A minimum of 37 semester hours in sports broadcasting are required, including at least 12 semester hours at the 30000-level or above.
5. A student earning a Bachelor of Arts will take 6 semester hours in one foreign language at the 20000-level or above.

Additional Information:

In order to better advise students and provide opportunities for their growth, the FTDM department has also secured a Sports Broadcasting Board of Advisors. Each person listed has agreed to serve for a two-year term.

Jean Palmer-Savigny (TCU) : Manager of Remote Operations SportsNet, New York
Lance Barrow : Senior Producer CBS Sports, New York
Reid Ryan (TCU) : President Ryan-Saunders Baseball and Owners of Round Rock Express and Corpus Christi Hooks
Missy Moore (TCU) : Producer of San Diego Padres Pre/Post game show
Anthony Oppermann (TCU) : Director of Broadcasting for the Redding Phillies
John Blake : Executive Vice-President for the Texas Rangers
Mike Ryan : Senior Program Director for ESPN Bristol, CT