Nearly 1,200 students in the Bob Schieffer College of Communication are pursuing degrees in communication studies, film, television and digital media, journalism and strategic communication. Our programs strike an appropriate balance between professional training and liberal arts studies. Relatively small classes enable the faculty to give attention to the work of each student.

We offer nine Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees, two Master of Science degrees and four minors through four departments:


Bachelor of Science, Minor, Master of Science

Students standing with trophies.

TCU Speech & Debate Team competed at the 2023 Pi Kappa Delta National Comprehensive Tournament.

Our Communication Studies Department emphasizes communication competence for professional and personal success. Students develop skills in speaking, listening, interviewing and working in teams. Courses emphasize interpersonal communication, organizational communication, and communication theory and research. Each semester, the department also teaches hundreds of TCU students the required core course ineffective oral communication. Activities include a nationally ranked speech and debate team, and theLambda Pi Eta communication honorary.

FILM, TELEVISION & DIGITAL MEDIA, including Sports Broadcasting

Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Minor

Two students wearing headsets work at a broadcast production booth. A sign in the background reads "T C U Sports broadcasting."

Sports Broadcasting students learn production skills in the control room in Moudy South.

Our Film, Television and Digital Media Department studies film, video and sports media from multiple perspectives. Students shoot, edit, write and produce entertainment and documentary films, videos and sports broadcasts. Courses emphasize critical analysis, industry studies, and media production. Each year, the sports broadcasting program produces dozens of live TCU athletic events for ESPN Plus, as well as scores of video boards and highlight reels. Activities include KTCU Radio and a Student Filmmakers Association. Students can major Cinema and Media Studies, Sports Broadcasting or Film, Television and Digital Media, which is also available as a minor.


Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Minor

A group of journalism students meet college namesake Bob Schieffer.

Our Journalism Department emphasizes presenting truthful information to diverse audiences in a free society. Students become skilled in reporting and editing news in real time for multiple media formats. Courses emphasize journalists’ ethical and legal responsibilities, and the role of news media in society. Student Media includes the campus news platform, which is an umbrella for The 109, PolitiFrog, Image magazine and several broadcast shows, as well as The Skiff newspaper, which publishes weekly.


Bachelor of Science, Master of Science

A student leads a presentation in a conference room. People sit at a large wooden table and around the room facing toward the presenter.

Members of BNSF deliver a presentation to the Roxo agency.

Our Strategic Communication Department studies professional and ethical advocacy that meets the goals of organizations. Students master strategic thinking, analytical writing, and digital storytelling in advertising and public relations contexts. Courses emphasize written and visual presentation, and evaluation of strategic message effectiveness. Activities include the Roxo student-run advertising and public relations agency, and chapters of the American Advertising Federation and the Public Relations Student Society of America.


Our interdisciplinary Health Communication and Media program studies theory, research and practice of health communication. Courses include interpersonal issues in communicating about health care, news media treatment of health issues, and health communication advocacy campaigns.

Programs Degrees Minor/Concentration
Communication Studies BS, MS Yes
Film, Television and Digital Media BA, BS Yes
Cinema and Media Studies BA No
Sports Broadcasting BA, BS No
Journalism BA, BS Yes
Strategic Communication BS, MS No
Health and Communication Media Yes