Schieffer Advising FAQs

Welcome! Here you’ll find answers to some frequently asked Schieffer College advising questions.


I need to speak to my academic advisor. How do I find the name of my advisor?

To find the name of your advisor, go to > student homepage > academic progress. Click or tap the “Advisors” tab on the left-hand menu to see your advisor’s name.


What do I need to do if I want to take classes at another institution and transfer them back to TCU?

Courses can only be taken at a two-year accredited college up until your 54 hours at TCU. After that they must be at a four-year accredited institution. Your final 30 hours must be taken at TCU, and you can only transfer up to 12 hours.

Log into and Academic Records, then to Transfer Credit.
Enter requested data
Look for approval/denial emails

Note: Oral communication (OCO) cannot be taken online, and NSC courses must have a lab component.


How do I change my major/minor online?

You can change your major/minor online by going to
Click Student Center
Click Academic Records
Click Request Change of Major
Proceed with change of major/minor


What do I need to do in order to register for more than 18 hours this semester?

Academic load request (Schieffer College)


What do I need to do to add or drop a class?

Check the academic calendar for specific dates, but you should be able to add/drop on the first week of classes. After that, add/drops require multiple permissions. For students in the Schieffer College, you can use this form to request an add/drop after the first week; however, they may be denied due to missing too many class days, etc.


When is my enrollment appointment? Why can’t I enroll? How do I get a permission number for a closed class?

You can find answers to all your enrollment questions here: Enrollment Frequently Asked Questions


How many hours are required to earn a TCU degree?

Students must successfully complete at least 124 semester hours of credit in order to earn a TCU degree.


What is an Academic Advising Report? How do I access it?

This document is electronically updated by TCU’s database system so it is always current. It is the official record of your academic career that is used by the Registrar’s Office to confirm academic requirements for graduation have been met. It lists the courses that are satisfying your degree requirements, and it shows the degree requirements that you still need to complete.

The Academic Advising report is accessed through myTCU online.

  • Log into my TCU online
  • Click Academic Progress
  • Click My Academic Requirements
  • Click “View Report As PDF” button


Where can I find a list of approved Core Curriculum Courses?

You can find a list of approved Core Curriculum Courses at


Is there a cumulative GPA needed in order to earn a TCU degree from the Bob Schieffer College of Communication?

Students must earn a cumulative GPA of at 2.0 in all work attempted at TCU, earn a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 in all courses attempted in the department of the major, and earn a cumulative GPA in all courses applied to the minor. Some minor programs may require a GPA greater than a 2.0 for graduation.


How many advanced courses numbered at 30000 or above am I required to complete?

Students must successfully complete at least 42 hours at the advanced level numbered 30000 or above.


When do I need to file the Intent to Graduate?

The Intent to Graduate form should be completed once a student has completed 84 hours. It can be found at