5 Things @ TCU Schieffer: Super Bowl Stories

As you get ready for the Super Bowl LVIII this weekend, look at some of our Super Bowl-inspired stories from around the college.


1. FTDM Instructor Shares Secret to Super Bowl Success

How is it that the Super Bowl continues to be one of the biggest events in television as streaming services become global contenders? Learn more in this Q&A with Charity Robinson, instructor in Film, Television and Digital Media.


2. Communication Studies (Taylor’s Version)

This year’s game features Red vs. Red (Taylor’s Version). Join the conversation by learning more about Taylor Swift and the power of storytelling.


3. 5 Things @ TCU Schieffer: Super Bowl Ads — The Best Part of the Game

Let’s talk about what we watch the Super Bowl to see… the ads! Strategic Communication faculty experts weigh in on the history of Super Bowl ads and what makes them so exciting to watch.


4. FTDM Featured Frog: Sam Fristachi ’21

Ever wondered what it would be like to be on the field? Learn from our Journalism and Sports Broadcasting grad Sam Fristachi ’21 as she spends her second season as a Football Communication Assistant with the Washington Commanders.


5. Running the Numbers: Following the Data Flow of Frog Football

What can data tell us about fans and football? Learn more about how our Schieffer Media Insights Lab helps students learn about fans and their relationship to football.