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The Class of 2019: Daria Jones

A photo of Daria Jones standing in front of Frog Fountain at TCU.

Name: Daria Jones Major: News and Media Studies Hometown: Visalia, California Why did you choose to major in journalism? I decided to major in journalism because I always had a passion for creating. I loved to write stories growing up, so journalism seemed like the logical major for me. After spending a little while in… Read more »

Meet Kate Redfield

photo of Kate Redfield

Student: Kate Redfield Major: Journalism Minors: Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies; Design Studies Classification: Junior Hometown: San Francisco, California One of the most important factors prospective students have on determining the perfect college fit is the college community. From class size to university size, all these factors can intimidate or excite a student looking at a… Read more »

Coffee with Beljorie Walsh

photo of Beljorie Walsh

Hometown: Houston, Texas Classification: Junior Majors: Journalism and Political Science Interests: writing, political science and world affairs What inspired you to become a journalism major? I want to be able to connect countries internationally. I knew in order to do that, my writing and communication skills would have to be top notch. My mom is… Read more »

Andrew Mitchell

What is your favorite journalism class? Seeing as I have been in college for only one semester so far, my favorite journalism class would have to be media writing with Dr. John Tisdale. I like the way he explains things. He explains what he teaches in different ways so that if we want to do… Read more »

Life Changing Opportunities

photo of Megan Guter

Megan Guter is a senior journalism major from New Orleans, Louisiana. “One of the best things about Texas Christian University is getting the opportunity to gain real-world experience throughout my time here,” Guter said. She works as TCU Student Media’s audience engagement editor, running the social media profiles for TCU 360, PolitiFrog and The 109…. Read more »

Things to Know About Journalism

Madison Smith Graduated May 2017 Journalism major Describe the typical Journalism student. The typical Journalism major is curious and outgoing. They can work quickly to make deadline and always know what new things are going around on campus. What made you to choose to be a Journalism major? I chose to be a Journalism major… Read more »

Friends Beyond the Classroom

My first impression of Uriel Huerta was that he was really goofy but also really smart. I thought this kid was on another level because in class he spoke in such vague riddles. The more I got to know him, the more I realized he was very normal. However, sometimes I still can’t understand him…. Read more »

What’s in your pack?

Tucked away in a corner of the Convergence Center, the hub for student media, Shane Battis, journalism major ’18, works on an article with a professor. Battis, the executive editor of the109, a student-run local news website, said he is in the “office” anytime he is not in class, typically for about four or five… Read more »

Why Are You Studying…

Elizabeth Campbell Majors: Journalism and Political Science Graduation Date: Spring 2018 Hometown: Potomac, Maryland What’s your favorite news source? It’s definitely a tie between the BBC and CBS. Why Journalism? I got started in journalism during my freshman year of high school by a dare. Someone dared me that I couldn’t write a story so… Read more »