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Jean Marie Brown Associate Professor of Professional Practice and Director of Student Media 817-257-4241 Journalism
Kristie Bunton Dean and Professor of Journalism 817-257-5918 Journalism
Shugofa Dastgeer Assistant Professor 817-257-4883 Journalism
Leah Griffin Director of Student Media Sales and Operations 817-257-6274 Journalism
Mary Beth Houston Administrative Assistant 817-257-7425 Journalism
Jaime Loke Associate Professor 817-257-4932 Journalism
Uche Onyebadi Chair of Journalism and Professor 817-257-4431 Journalism
Jim Seeley Director of Journalism Technology 817-257-4226 Journalism
Daxton “Chip” Stewart Professor and Assistant Provost for Research Compliance 817-257-5911 Journalism
John Tisdale Associate Professor 817-257-6554 Journalism
Patty Zamarripa Assistant Professor of Professional Practice 817-257-6579 Journalism