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The Class of 2019: Six Questions with Taylor Boser

A photo of TCU student Taylor Boser.

Name: Taylor Boser Major: News and Media Studies Hometown: Geneva, Illinois Why did you choose Texas Christian University? I started off at a small school in Iowa and while I was there, I realized that the school wasn’t giving me what I wanted, so I looked into journalism programs and I found TCU’s. I fell in… Read more »

Benton McDonald: Real-World Experience Begins in the Classroom

A photo of TCU student Benton McDonald.

Benton McDonald Major: Journalism Class: Sophomore Hometown: Austin, Texas From the moment Benton McDonald was immersed in the Department of Journalism at Texas Christian University through a summer workshop before his senior year of high school, he was sold. McDonald loves the people, the projects and most simply, he loves writing. One of McDonald’s favorite… Read more »

A Little Bit About Shannon

A photo of Schieffer College student Shannon Murphy.

Shannon Murphy Major: Journalism Class: Sophomore Hometown: San Francisco, California Why journalism? When I was in high school I participated in an after-school journalism class. We filmed a newscast that aired every Monday and I was one of the sports anchors. I fell in love with broadcast journalism and I knew that was going to be my… Read more »

Meet Olivia Wales

A photo of journalism major Olivia Wales.

Major: Journalism Class: Sophomore Hometown: Fayetteville, Arkansas When you meet Olivia Wales you will immediately recognize a joyful persona that can light up any room. Wales is the perfect candidate for a career in journalism because of her natural ability to talk to anybody and her enthusiasm for adventure. Despite her natural inclination towards reporting, she didn’t always… Read more »

The Class of 2018: Alexis Bierman

A photo of TCU alumna Alexis Bierman.

Major: News and Media Studies Hometown: Midlothian, Texas New Home: Washington, D.C. Alexis Bierman made the most of her time in the Bob Schieffer College of Communication. Before her graduation in 2018, she was an intern at two magazines (Paper City and D Magazine), a member of a sorority, studied abroad in Europe, and spent… Read more »

Class of 2018: Michelle Ross

A photo of Michelle Ross, alumna of the Bob Schieffer College of Communication.

When Michelle Ross graduated from Texas Christian University in 2018 with a double major in broadcast journalism and communication studies, she knew that the path ahead was not only full of promise, but also many unknowns. Despite her uncertainties, Ross felt confident that the Bob Schieffer School of Communication had prepared her with the skills… Read more »

The Class of 2019: An Anchor in the Making

A photo of TCU student Lauren Crawford.

Name: Lauren Crawford Major: News and Media Studies Hometown: Keller, Texas Lauren Crawford is a Texas girl, born and raised. She majored in news and media studies with a minor in business. Crawford knew early in life that she had a passion for news, community and politics. She remembers looking forward to watching the nightly news with… Read more »

The Class of 2019: Alexis Guerrero

A photo of TCU student Alexis Guerrero.

Alexis Guerrero is a double major in sports broadcasting and journalism. She chose this major because she wanted to gain transferable skills through hands-on experience and reach her short-term goal of becoming a sports reporter. According to Guerrero, journalism goes hand in hand with the sports broadcasting major but provides more on-camera experience rather than… Read more »

The Class of 2019: Journalism Goes Abroad

A photo of TCU student Meaghan Moore.

Name: Meaghan Moore Hometown: Chicago, Illinois Major: News and Media Studies Where did you study abroad? Rome, Italy. I really wanted to study and live in a major city in Europe since I’m from Chicago. What was your initial reaction when landing in a foreign country? I had been to Europe before with my family… Read more »

The Class of 2019: Daria Jones

A photo of Daria Jones standing in front of Frog Fountain at TCU.

Name: Daria Jones Major: News and Media Studies Hometown: Visalia, California Why did you choose to major in journalism? I decided to major in journalism because I always had a passion for creating. I loved to write stories growing up, so journalism seemed like the logical major for me. After spending a little while in… Read more »