What’s in your pack?

Tucked away in a corner of the Convergence Center, the hub for student media, Shane Battis, journalism major ’18, works on an article with a professor. Battis, the executive editor of the109, a student-run local news website, said he is in the “office” anytime he is not in class, typically for about four or five hours a day.

Besides his work with the109, Battis enjoys his Newscast course where students produce, write, edit and film the “News Now” broadcast online, a daily news update for the campus. Battis says he hopes to have a career in newscast in the future.

Battis’ backpack is full of notebooks, Sharpies, Post-It Notes and more to keep him organized. Originally from San Juan Hills, California, Battis keeps his days at TCU busy.

Battis said, “Student media is most of my life. Other than that, I study for my other courses, and occasionally hit the gym, but that is few and far between. I also try to spend time with my friends and girlfriend when I can.”