Andrew Mitchell

What is your favorite journalism class?
Seeing as I have been in college for only one semester so far, my favorite journalism class would have to be media writing with Dr. John Tisdale. I like the way he explains things. He explains what he teaches in different ways so that if we want to do something in a variety of different ways, they all still work.

What do you plan to do with your journalism degree?
Right now I’m not exactly sure. I am a pretty good writer which is why I majored in journalism. I did want to branch out into possibly doing broadcast and maybe radio, so I still have to see what I want to do. I was editor-in-chief [at my high school newspaper]. I went to Sam Houston High School.

If you could have one super power what would it be?
My superpower would be flight because I hate walking. And my parents took my car for the first year of college because they said I need to focus on school and not go out. It’s a 2008 Scion tC.

How do you prepare for your long class days?
I’m the type of person that tries to stay ahead at least a few days for all of my work just in case I do forget, or something like that. I can always catch myself up because I’m already ahead.

How do you study for the most demanding exams or projects?
Usually, I study with my friends. We study together every day. But when I know I have a quiz or an exam, I go to my room and study by myself because I know it’s easier for me to focus on reading and stuff like that when I’m alone. Solitude.

What is your favorite TCU memory so far?
After the first week of classes, my friends and I cooked dinner, sat in the nest of Foster, ate chicken alfredo and watched movies just to congratulate ourselves for completing the first week of college successfully and to wind down.